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Who's the best estate agent to sell your home?

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Why settle for 1 agent, when you can have them all.

With so many agents it’s difficult to decide who the right option is. What if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could wrack up all the right agents, but without the extra hassle.

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Your buyers are spread across dozens of agents

There are so many agents these days that the market is what we call fragmented. Even the best performing agent in your area has most likely only sold a small fraction of the total properties similar to yours. So, your buyers are spread across loads of different agents. In most cases, a top agent only has access to 7% of the buyers out there.

Our goal? To capture all your buyers

We're not the biggest fans of single agent structures, because we believe it limits your home's exposure. Our solve? To open it up to all relevant agents. We plan on instructing all your relevant agents and capture the entire market for you. Why do we want that? Because more agents = more buyers = more viewings = more offers = a bidding war.

How we sell your home in 5 steps:

Free Design Consultation

Step 1: Increasing the sale value is our north star. One of our designers will inspect your home and give you handy design tips for how best to prepare your home for viewings.


Multiple valuations from your local agents

Step 2: Time to determine your asking price. We'll aggregate multiple valuations from all your top local estate agents and help you decide what the right price is to market your home.


Creating your property pack

Step 3: We prepare everything needed so that your agents can hit the ground running. From floorplans to virtual tours and photographs, we've got you covered.


Instructing your agents

Step 4: Time to get your home in the hands of every relevant agent! We'll instruct and manage all the right agents on your behalf. You can expect viewings within 48 hours of going live.


Your marketplace

Sit back while we manage and track your home's performance. From viewings to offers and counter offers, we're your eyes and ears and helping hand.


Sell better. Sell faster

Why settle for 1 agent, if you can have them all?

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