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Selling better starts with knowing who is best placed to sell your home. Which agents have the biggest buyer networks? Who are the top performers in your area? Enter your postcode to get a detailed breakdown of the most relevant and effective agents in your area.

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How it works

Step 1: Find your agents

Enter your postcode and get a detailed breakdown of the top performers in your area. We'll show you who's sitting on the biggest buyer network, and who's most likely to sell your home.


Step 2: Get a property health report

We’ll assess your home to rule out any red flags that could be putting buyers off and stalling offers. If there’s anything blocking a perfect sale, we’ll get to work clearing the way.


Step 3: A better valuation

We'll share your property details with all the relevant agents and get their view on the target price.


Step 4: creating your marketplace

We'll instruct any agent with relevant buyers on your behalf, at no extra cost. We'll manage the entire process; from incentivising the agents to giving them all they need to find your buyer. Consider us your partner in sale.


Step 5: signed, sealed, sold

The result of instructing and engaging all the relevant agents? A competitive frenzy with your home at the centre. You can expect more viewings, more offers and ultimately, a better sale. The winning agent takes the fee, we take a small transaction fee.


Selling should be rewarding

But it's hard. The average U.K homeowner waits 19 weeks to lose £75,000 per sale. Between understanding which agents to go with and what price to list your home at, it can feel daunting and stressful. We've flyp'ed that. We've got you, from start to finish.

Get a breakdown of the most relevant and effective agents in your area

Instruct all of the relevant agents, through us, at no extra cost

Create a competitive frenzy. Get 10X more viewings, 10X more offers.

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