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Selling property should be rewarding. But it’s hard.

The average U.K homeowner waits 19 weeks to lose £75,000 per sale. That’s why we use data-driven insights to value-improve and sell properties faster.

Our 3-step process


Property valuation

Value it

Don’t undersell. Book a virtual inspection for an in-depth assessment on the current and potential value of your property.

see flyp certification

100% flyp certified

If your property passes the full assessment...

Your property is sale ready!

You get direct access to our network of agents

Not yet certified

But if you don’t pass, don’t worry.

There’s potential, let’s unlock that!


flyp transformation

Improve it

Boost value. We manage any repairs or renovation so that nothing stalls a sale. Plus, we finance it too.

see flyp transformation

Our unique model allows flyp to cover the cost of your refurb.


flyp marketplace

Sell it

Get rewarded. Our professional platform instructs multiple agents so your property receives higher offers, faster.

see flyp marketplace

We’ve got a new way of doing things. This is property sales done right.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3... flyp

Step 1

Value it

Is there more potential to unlock?

Step 2

Improve it

On our dime

Step 3

Sell it

Through a network of agents

How it works

Chat to us

Any questions specifically about your property? - we'd love to hear from you

What's the most exciting thing we can help you with

Join the property revolution.

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