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All the best agents competing for your sale? You’re in the right place.

Choosing a single agent was cheaper and easier - until now. Each agent has a fraction of the buyers, so instruct several and let them prove they’re the best. For the same cost as a single agent, with none of the headache.

Welcome to the flyp marketplace.

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How it works

Step 1: Find your agents

We select agents that are selling similar properties, tapping into their relevant buyer networks. All of the rightmove listings they post for similar homes, will attract relevant buyers - so you’re not just relying on your listing, which gets old quick.


Step 2: Get multiple valuations

Once we’ve selected all the right agents, we will ask them all to provide valuations. No more agents telling you what you want to hear to win an instruction, just realistic valuations, and plenty of them, so you can compare and make the right pricing decision.


Step 3: Launch with at least 5 engaged agents

We design the fees and asking prices with you - we recommend a generous sole agency equivalent fee to properly motivate the agents. The agents will jump on the instruction to secure the best buyers first. We guarantee at least 5 engaged agents.


Step 4: We manage your sale with you

Multiple agents sound like a headache? We will manage all communication, provide feedback on your online dashboard, and discuss sales strategy with you. When you choose to launch on Rightmove etc, we select the best performing agents, and rotate the listing between agents to keep it at the top of the search.


Step 5: signed, sealed, sold

When offers come in, you can be confident the market has been thoroughly tested. Instead of a single agent's assurance, the best offer from the flyp marketplace will truly be the best offer out there. We will negotiate and hold your hand through the transaction.


Give your home sale superpowers

The best way to sell your home? We think so. With top agents, bringing the best buyers in their network, with all of their online listings working for you, it's not an exaggeration. No one has left the marketplace and gone on to sell without a 5+% price drop afterwards.

We’re on a mission to revolutionise how we sell homes, making it better for everyone

Created for a new generation of sellers and agents who demand more:

More trust. More transparency. More efficiency. And yes - more money.

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