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3. Sell it

Quality homes deserve better. The flyp marketplace connects your home to all of the best agents, and all of their best buyers, for a better sale.

Multiple agents in your corner. We instruct the very best, at no extra cost.

No time-wasters. Our platform reaches 100% of active buyers.

Hand’s off! flyp manages your sale for you.

Why you’ll love the flyp marketplace

With our platform it’s not just about selling at any price, it's about knowing you’ve achieved the best price.

Your home will attract 100% of active buyers.

  • We know the right agents with the right clients for your property.

  • Forget one, we instruct all of the best agents to boost your sale chances.

We handle your communication needs.

  • Your sale, but we’re responsible for the back-and-forth.

  • Our team collect viewing feedback and incoming offers to act fast.

We attract top-performing agents. Here's why:

  • We provide agents with a stream of 100% flyp-approved quality-assured properties.

  • We reward better performance with better fees

We’re here, for every step

We assign you a dedicated account manager that guides you through offers and counter offers. We get it. We’ve got you.

What makes the flyp platform boost sales?

quality home


quality agents


One sure sale!

How do we get paid?

Our unique model means you'll only ever pay the equivalent of a sole agency fee.


The winning agent receives a full fee.

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We take a small transaction fee.

Our numbers don’t lie


Average viewings on flyp marketplace homes across two weeks


Average number of offers on the flyp marketplace.


Average time until flyp marketplace homes are under offer.

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