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Flyp certification

1. Value it

A better property sale starts with a flyp assessment. Our home valuation doesn't just look at what it’s worth now, we focus on what it could be worth.

An assessment of the current and potential value of your property.

An in-depth report on your property's strengths and weaknesses.

Approved properties gain a flyp certification and get direct access to our marketplace.

Busting common myths.

Learn what makes a buyer stall and a property sell.

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How does a flyp valuation work?

Invite flyp round for a virtual visit

Introduce us to your property. No-strings-attached.


Your property-data decoded

We analyse your property to understand its strengths, weaknesses and value opportunity.


A flyp proposal in 24 hours

Understand exactly what's standing in your way of that ideal asking price. Perfect as is? Receive a direct invite to the flyp marketplace.

A flyp approved home is a quality home. Pass that confidence on to buyers.

Why does flyp approve properties?

Less hassle, higher offers, a quicker payout? Each flyp home has been vetted and stamped with our flyp certificate. Agents and buyers want quality homes, and sales that will stick. Our certification process is delivered as a mark of quality assurance. Pass that confidence on to buyers and agents.

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Why trust the flyp valuation?

We’re sitting on millions of data points that power our understanding of the property market. We know what sells, and what doesn’t. Here’s why the flyp engine supercharges your property sale:

Industry insights on tap

Our analysis of market demands, value creators and fallthrough criteria is powered by data.

Always one step ahead

Our certification standard is constantly evolving thanks to our flyp engine and in-house team of property analysts.

Sell better. Sell faster

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