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We’ve got a new way of doing things. This is property sales done right.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3... flyp

Step 1

Value it

Is there more potential to unlock?

Step 2

Improve it

On our dime

Step 3

Sell it

Through a network of agents

Stats that make us angry...

How much homeowners lose out on a sale

- £75,000

How long it takes homeowners to sell their home

19 weeks

We’ve flyped that..

Don't take it from us hear from who matters

"We never thought we could get above asking, let alone start a bidding war. But that’s what happened once flyp came into the picture."

"We had an ex rental property that was worn and torn to say the least. flyp resurrected it and got it sold. All without us lifting a finger. A dream team to work with."

We're here to empower you to sell faster and for more.

There's a better way to sell.

We created flyp for a generation that demands more. More trust, more transparency, more efficiency. And yes, more money.

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