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August 23, 2022

Broomwood Road, SW11

It all starts with understanding your target buyer

Selling to a family? Design for one! 

Buyers aren’t just looking for themselves, especially in a family home. This 5 bedroom Clapham home wasn’t just for mum and dad, it was for a growing family. When you’re staging a home for sale, don’t just appeal to mum and dad, appeal to the kids too. Designing for a family means that buyers don’t have to make wild leaps of the imagination to see your home as theirs, and you can get the whole family on board in a single viewing. 

Our data showed that the next buyer of Broomwood was most likely a growing family. So we made sure we appealed to each and every one of them.

Here’s what we did:

  • For mum and dad: We turned the master bedroom into a relaxing and functional oasis.

  • For the teens: We added a pool table with vibey neon lights, board games, and a record player

  • For the young kids: We converted a spare bedroom into a young kid’s dream room, perfect for sleepovers and friends.

  • For the whole family: We made sure the den was the perfect place for the whole family to come together and relax.

How to know if you're selling to a family?

Sometimes it’s all in the size. A large house with loads of bedrooms (bath-tubs) and plenty of outdoor space, would imply it's most suitable to a large family. Unfortunately, size isn’t always a realistic indicator. When in doubt, look outside. What is the neighbourhood telling you about the buyer market? Is the home in a popular or sought after school district? Are there sports and recreational parks close by? These are just a few key indicators that your next buyer will most likely be a family.

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