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October 17, 2022

Greyhound Mews, W6

The freedom to act slowly (or quickly) - you’re back in the driving seat

The freedom to act slowly (or quickly).

When it comes to owning a property, nothing can feel more gratifying and daunting, often at the same time. When volatility rips through the markets, like we’re experiencing today, owning a property or three can quickly morph into a nightmare. 

Rising mortgage rates, market uncertainty and off-the charts inflation projections are all having a direct impact on that all so important asset. While some are lucky enough to ride out the wave of uncertainty, for many it's a time to move swiftly. If you need to sell, the panic might be setting in.

Unfortunately, the need for speed often ends up reeking of desperation, opening the door to buyers looking to take advantage of a seller’s urgency. That’s why we always put vendors back in the driving seat. Take the heat off. Giving owners the freedom to act on THEIR terms, regardless of external forces.

Escalating interest costs? Let’s cover those for you.

Rental market tempting you back in? Why choose one over the other? We rent out the properties throughout the sale.

Worried about the lack of buyer demand? Our viewings are consistent, We’re averaging 10 viewings a week, whether that's month 1 or month 3.

Take a recent flyp on Greyhound Road. The owner poured his heart and soul into the home, hoping for a return, but…shit happens and markets wobble. While that would have forced many to sell at a loss, or put the home back on the long-let market and push the sale a couple of years, Greyhound Mews is generating a steady monthly income, empowering him to continue trying to sell, but not worry about the timeline. More specifically, Greyhound is renting at an 8% yield, double what he might have expected - and all whilst he’s on the market selling, knocking back offers that he’d have bitten off without the flexibility.

How we helped achieve an 8% yield.

Our designers got to work - all that was needed was some staging and finishing touches. We invested less than £10,000 and our designers got to work. The furniture will remain in situ for as long as it takes for the home to sell, with no additional cost. They made sure the home not only spoke to the right buyer, but also to the right rental guest.

Our rental ops team got to work - since launch, we have generated around £40,000 of booking income, with an occupancy rate exceeding 90% ensuring the home is generating a steady income at all times.

Our sales team got to work - we launched Greyhound Mews on the flyp marketplace and instructed all the relevant agents (in this case 18).

We’ve had 60 viewings to date, across more than 10 agents, with a handful of offers - good news for the owner, he’s able to hold out for more - after all, what’s the urgency to sell whilst his investment is generating an 8% yield?

Sell immediately and benefit from the income leading up to the day you exchange, or the freedom to do nothing at all.

You’re in control...

image of a bedroom with king sized bed

image of a bedroom with king sized bed




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