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August 23, 2022

Blytheswood Place, SW16

The marketplace: a place for quality homes, not premium homes.

It's all about quality homes, not premium homes

Sure, we have  homes that would be considered lux or premium, but the reality is we designed the marketplace for all types of homes. As long as you meet our minimum standard, and we stamp your home as a “quality” home, you gain direct entry to our marketplace. That’s the story of Blytheswood. The owners were what we call House-Prouds. They loved their home and took care of it while they lived there. They made the necessary investments over the years and needless to say, they passed the flyp assessment with flying colours. 

Small tweaks before listing on the marketplace

A renovation wasn’t necessary here, but our designers made a few simple suggestions to help enhance the space:

  • Use an area rug and furnishing to create particular zones between the kitchen and living spaces 

  • Fix the bedroom cupboard doors

  • Dress and organise the bedrooms and kitchen

Are you House Proud? Here us out…

We know every home can’t or shouldn’t go through the flyp transformation process. Sometimes the home is already in great shape, or you might not be keen to add more value through a flyp renovation. After all, you might be living there and circumstances won’t allow you to move out. Don’t worry, as long as you’re “flyp approved”, you’re in! So what does flyp approved mean? Put simply, no red flags! How do you know for sure if you qualify? Answer this simple question, would you consider yourself House Proud like the Blytheswood owners? Would you answer yes to any of the following statements:

  • I love to host friends and family over for dinners and events.

  • I regularly clean and organise my house.

  • Any issues I've had with my home I've always invested money to fix. Whether its faulty taps, a leaking sink, or wall scuffs.

If any of the above relate, more likely than not, you’re sitting on a flyp approved home.




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