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August 30, 2022

Hanover House, NW8

Never underestimate the power of staging

A push in the right direction

This North London property is the perfect example of a home that just needed a small staging push to reach its full potential. The condition of the home was exquisite and the open plan layout was definitely on trend with what buyers are looking for. But, the sellers knew that this blank canvas, whilst it helped show off the bones of the home, wasn’t doing  the home justice. 

In this case, we didn't add value by renovating the home's features, rather, we added value through storytelling and appealing to the potential buyer.  

We had to make sure that when a buyer walked through the doors of Hanover, they could envision themselves living in the home. The entire home was a clean slate that needed to be filled with the right furniture and accessories that related to the lifestyle and aesthetic of a sophisticated young family.

Empty homes take longer to sell

Data shows time and time again that selling an empty home is less efficient than selling a staged home. Why is an empty home harder to sell, you ask? Great question! Here are just a few reasons why:

  • They appear smaller - Feels counter-intuitive, but it's true. A room without any furniture will appear smaller than a room with furniture. Pro Tip: under-sized furniture can also have this effect on a space.  

  • It’s easier to see flaws  - Everything is hyper exposed. Without furniture and decor to distract the eye of the buyer, minor flaws that otherwise wouldn’t be obvious, now become the centre of attention.

  • It seems like you’re in a rush  - A home that doesn’t look taken care of can signal to buyers that an owner is in a desperate state who needs to sell quickly and for whatever price. 

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