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August 23, 2022

Clermont Road, E7

You have 7 seconds to make a buyer fall in love

It takes about 7 seconds for a buyer to either love or hate a home. Sounds crazy, we know. But first impressions are especially important when it comes to selling a home.

Would you sell a car without getting it cleaned first?

When a buyer walks into your home and the first thing they see are dirty dishes, messy rooms, and unorganised, cluttered spaces, you’re doing yourself and your home a disservice.  If a buyer has to do mental leaps to picture the home in your house, they’ll find it just as hard to see the true value of your home.  

You wouldn’t sell a car without getting it cleaned first, would you? Or trainers without getting them buffed and polished? It’s simple logic. To sell something for its maximum value, you need to make sure it’s looking its best. Sometimes, that just means decluttering and organising. 

Less is always more

When buyers first walked through the door at Clermont, it was difficult for them to imagine the space as their home. It was filled with clutter and knick-knacks from the previous occupants. How can a buyer picture themselves hosting dinners for friends in the beautiful open plan dining room when all you see is a table covered in laundry?

Creating an authentic space with a lived-in feel is crucial. To put it simply, less is more when it comes to showing off your home. Don’t let your clutter and decor stand in the way of a sure sale.

"Homes come to us in all states imaginable. We often tell our clients to focus on the basics. By simply organising and decluttering a space you’re halfway there."


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