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Income alongside flawless viewings?

We know it sounds bonkers, but hear us out! 99.5% of our viewings are flawless. Earn at least as much income as a long let, access for viewings anytime, the home is sparkling everytime, with no legal or timing issue on completion. The sale is the priority, but the income doesn't hurt. Have your cake and eat it too!

  • Rental income during the sale, without the downside

  • 99.5% of viewings, look just like the photos

  • 4 week rolling break whenever you sell

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How it works

Step 1: Set up your home

Is the home ready to sell for its maximum value? If not, we can help with design and staging. What's more, we pay for it. If it's ready to roll, we can get started. 


Step 2: Start renting flexibly

We manage and rent the home, to hand selected occupants who agree to allow viewings, anytime. They are not tenants, and must leave when sold. We typically generate a premium to a long let. 


Step 3: Flawless viewings, sale ready

To ensure the viewings are flawless, we dont leave it to change. We’re in the home every day there are viewings, cleaning, dressing & presenting - the sale is the priority. 


Step 4: Creating your agent marketplace

We instruct several agents - to ensure we find every active buyer. All the best agents try to prove they have the best buyer, ensuring you get the most money for the home; expect more viewings, competing bids, and the best sale price, fast, all for a sole agency fee; we manage the lot.  


Step 5: Signed, sealed, sold

80% of the time, we’re under offer in 4 weeks, but we make great use of the time until its sold, generating you income until its sold.


Selling should be rewarding

But it's hard. The average U.K homeowner waits 19 weeks to lose £75,000 per sale. Whether its a mortgage to cover for an empty home, or just the cost and risk of having the asset sitting idle. We've got you, from start to finish.

Generate income throughout the sale - alongside flawless viewings.

Instruct all of the relevant agents, through us, at no extra cost.

Create a competitive frenzy. Ensure we reach every active buyer so you get the best possible sale price.

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