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Sell Better, Sell Faster.

An online agent sounds appealing, we know. Why pay a fee if a normal agent is just chucking your home on a portal? BUT, what if you had a highly effective local agent working for you, and not just one of them, but loads of them, at no extra cost?

Forget one, we instruct all of the best agents to boost your sale chances, at no extra cost.

We manage and incentivise all of the agents, on your behalf

We get you 10X more viewings, 10X more offers.

Welcome to the flyp marketplace where we instruct multiple effective agents, at no extra cost.

More agents


More viewings


More offers

What happens next?

1. Your property decoded

A faster sale for more money, is our north star. We make sure nothing stands in the way of achieving just that. That starts with an inspection. We’ll assess your home to rule out any red flags that could be putting buyers off and stalling offers. If there’s anything blocking a perfect sale, we’ll get to work clearing the way.


2. Preparing your home for sale

Our in-house team of designers will do a free design consultation to help you get your home sale ready. We know what buyers are looking for and we know what sells. We’ll gladly pass that knowledge to you. We’ll give you free advice on small changes that will go a long way.


3. Instructing your market

We'll engage every relevant agent in the market - based on some fancy algorithm's (that our much smarter tech team pulled together) - any agents deemed likely to have relevant buyers, will be offered the fee that you design. We’ll instruct and manage them all, at no expense to you.


4. Creating a competitive frenzy

The result of instructing and engaging all the relevant agents? A competitive frenzy with your home at the centre. You can expect more eyes on your property leading to more viewings, more offers and ultimately, a better sale.


5. Your property sold

Consider us your sale secret weapon. We are here for you and will help manage your sale from start to finish. From fielding offers, to negotiating counter offers and instructing solicitors, we’re here for you every step of the way.


Let's sell your home

Book a free valuation to get started. Your home can be at the centre of the best agents, with the biggest buyer networks, in a matter of days.

Book a free valuation

Let's sell your home, the better way.


Join the property revolution.

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