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Selling should be rewarding

But it's hard. The average U.K homeowner waits 19 weeks to lose £75,000 per sale. That’s why we use data-driven insights to value-improve and sell properties faster. Oh and did we mention we pay for it too?

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No upfront cost. All the glory but no financial pain. We cover the refurb.

Smart investments. We target value increases, not spend increases.

Tech-enabled. We know buyers' triggers. Our data-driven renovations sell.

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How will flyp transform my property?

It’s still your property, but thankfully not all your DIY skills. We’re your handyman, design assistant and building contractor, rolled into one super property selling partner. From start to finish, we take care of everything—and we get stunning results.

Step 1

Partner with us.

Increasing the sale value is our north star. If your property has untapped potential, we invest our resources and supercharge your house sale. Our reward? A percentage of the uplift we’ve helped to unlock.

Step 2

Time to fix and ‘furb’.

Of course, we’re talking about us. We manage the whole process, from start to finish, you don’t have to lift a finger.

Step 3

Pay to stay guests.

With your approval, we hand-select flexible occupants who pay to stay in your property while its on the market. Our smart renovation pays for itself, literally.

Step 4

Consider it flyped.

We carefully monitor and track engagement on your property, while our ground team prepare it ahead of viewings. Everything is taken care of by us, for you.

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